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‘Strategic Consultation’ in a New Format

Digital Marketing 2013Wishing you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all our blog readers! We hope New Year will bring more health, wealth, peace and love in to your life.

Our first blog post of the New Year is very brief. We’ve extended our ‘Six weeks Strategic Consultation’ campaign and given it a new format and made it a regular feature. Anyone who couldn’t contact us last year due to any reasons can get in touch any time now. We’ve made it easy and convenient for our prospective clients to take the advantage of that campaign. Everything remains the same as mentioned in our previous blog post.

One more thing which we would like to update is about our website. Due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, we’ve to delay the launch of our new website. We’re working on it and will inform you about the new date of the launch ASAP. Thanks for your cooperation.


Winning Strategies for Business

In our second blog post we’ll talk about winning strategies for business, especially new start ups and SMEs. Last week we started the six weeks campaign for strategic consultation, which after a VERY cold start, picked up and entrepreneurs started making enquiries to know more about the campaigns and how they or their clients will be benefited from our campaign. One of our sole purposes of this campaign is to ensure that the new start up companies or SME should start using innovativeness and creativity in their business and marketing strategies. Innovation is the prime key for any business these days either any offline business like trading or online businesses. Innovation and creativity are the parts of every aspect of business. It doesn’t confine to marketing or branding or advertisement. For example the look and layout of your website, its functionality, content management, ability to keep the audience engaged throughout the sale process, the process to receive the feedback or recommendations, everything should be unique, different and easy as compared to other competitors in the market.

It’s one of the important factors which we would be discussing with the companies or entrepreneurs who will sign up with us. We’ll explain them the new techniques of conversion optimisation either from the normal website traffic or social media. We’ll give the tips to engage the customer throughout their journeys on the website or social media platforms of the company. We ourselves are the real example of survival during this hard hitting time of recession. We’ve worked with our clients in managing the tight budgets and still giving them best results within limited resources. We’re also a small start up digital media agency, but with our creative methodologies, we’ve been successful in working with other SMEs and start up companies with cost effective and reliable plans. We want to share our experience and want to make sure that the other start ups get the initial support necessary for the break. We want to work with more and more small businesses, charities, small institutes and plan their business and marketing strategies in limited budgets. We want to make sure every start up and SME utilises the social media and other easily available marketing tools to enhance their presence on the internet and get engage with their prospective clients.

We’re ready to discuss any:

  • B2B and B2C project at any stage of the venture
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Online Reputation/ Brand Management
  • Any Digital Marketing strategies
  • Social Media

Don’t delay it. Now less than five weeks left. So email us or call us ASAP to book your slot.

Six weeks ‘Strategic Consultation’ campaign

Digital Marketing Strategies

This is our first official blog post on word press. After the success of two years in the Digital Marketing business, we’re making lots of changes in our public image. Our new website is under development phase and should be ready by the beginning of 2013. We’ve given a completely new look and layout to the website. We’ve made some changes to our logo as well. So in the New Year, we’ll be able to present our business in a new way and with more clients case studies. Today we’ve also started the official blog post, where we’ll keep our audience updated with new technologies and trends in the digital world.

Last month, our campaign ‘Free analysis of your website’ has received very warm and overwhelming response. We got the opportunity to review many websites from different countries and different sectors which we never did before e.g. Online Florist from Spain, Online Mobile top up (New business in London), Pinterest advertisement platform in India, Management Consultancy from Russia, Video Production company from France, Prepaid VISA card from Hong Kong, Government funded charity organisations in London and many more.

This week we’re launching a six weeks ‘Strategic Consultation’ campaign for New Start ups, Entrepreneurs, SME / SMB and established businesses. At the end of the year, when everybody is planning for Christmas and New Year holidays, we’ve decided to devote this time for our clients in the business planning for the 2013. Our aim is to help the companies at any stage of their ventures, with strategic consultation, guidance, analysis and review of their businesses and websites, their marketing strategies as well as their conversion optimization.

We’ve designed the very affordable price plan and very easy mode of communication. We’ll do the one-to-one sessions via Skype, Mobile Phones and personal meetings (although personal meetings will be available only in London and surrounding areas and maybe extended to other cities in UK as per special requests). We’ll sort out the queries about different marketing platforms especially in the Digital Marketing available for New Start up companies. We’ll also have detailed discussion about the already existing business projects and will try to solve their issues related with Digital Marketing, website traffic, lead generation programs, conversions, loyalty and client retention programs. We’ll also give advice on CPA (cost per acquisition) and various means to reduce the CPA and increase the profits.

This campaign will start from 20th November 2012 and will go until the end of the year 2012. For more information on consultation sessions and price plan, please email us and ask for the campaign brochure. We’ll be also doing the sessions on the weekends and during holidays. So please book your session as per your convenience, but don’t miss this chance to formulate the business and marketing strategies for 2013 and beat your competitors and be the leader in your sector.